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A Decentralized Reserve Currency and VC on Cronos Network
Minotaur Money Introduction Video
Minotaur.Money is one of the first reserve currency protocols that employs a transaction tax as a holding incentive! The tax is redistributed to stakers during rebases. To avoid the transaction tax when forming LP, use the Liquidity Helper on our website!
Step-by-step Staking Tutorial Video

Welcome to Minotaur.Money!

  • Minotaur.Money is a reserve currency and decentralized VC on the Cronos Network that employs transaction tax redistribution to stakers as a holding incentive!
  • Its reserve currency asset, MINO, is backed by a mixed basket of assets (e.g., CRO, WBTC, WETH, DAI) in the Treasury, and the Treasury assets are deployed to make profit for the DAO.
  • The protocol employs Fractionality to enable treasury funds to be deployed for decentralized VC, cross-chain liquidity farming, or incentivizing votes for liquidity rewards.
  • Additional staking of wsMINO tokens provides extra rewards for MINO stakers!
  • The Minotaur.Money protocol employs the dynamics of staking and minting (aka bonding) to create a crypto-denominated reserve currency in the Cronos ecosystem.
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