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Minotaur's Treasury will differ from those of most other reserve currencies, as it is based in the Cronos ecosystem. Therefore, its reserve LP pairs will include MINO-CRO, and we will also offer other standard single token bonds such as BTC, ETH, and USD equivalents.
A percentage of platform revenue and DAO MINO tokens will be dedicated towards marketing and growing the Minotaur.Money ecosystem through partnerships and other opportunities. For example, we may loan MINO tokens to centralized exchanges or professional market makers to facilitate their listings and liquidity provision.
When the treasury reaches a sufficient size, we intend to put it to work earning more in a self-sufficient manner. This could include such strategies as:
  • Crypto Investing: Carrying long-term crypto-denominated holdings
  • Cross-Chain Liquidity Farming: Earning yields in the Cronos ecosystem or on other blockchains
  • Decentralized VC: Participating in underpriced "VC Rounds," and acquiring and developing other technologies to release on Cronos, which could bring in profit for the protocol
  • Bribes for Liquidity Rewards: We could participate in the "Curve Wars," in which treasury-owned CRV/CVX tokens would be used to incentivize reward allocation to the DAO
In order to allow withdrawal of treasury funds for these purposes, Minotaur.Money has instituted Fractionality code.