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Staking (🐮,🐮)

Staking MINO tokens on Minotaur.Money provides two main benefits:
  • Staking APR/APY via rebase rewards: Your MINO balance is increased periodically according to the amount of new bonding/minting that occurs and the reward rate set by the protocol's Monetary Policy.
  • sMINO tokens: All stakers receive sMinotaur (sMINO) tokens as a receipt immediately upon staking. You receive an equal amount of sMINO to the MINO you stake, and more sMINO is granted from rebase rewards.
Extra rewards can be provided by sMINO token staking, which currently takes place through Mad Meerkat Finance (!
The Index is the total rebase factor: it represents the number of MINO you would now have if you had staked 1 MINO since the beginning of the protocol. When you wrap and unwrap sMINO tokens, your token balances is adjusted by the Index, so the system accounts for the "missed" rebases that occurred while the tokens were wrapped.
Staking MINO is designated as a beneficial act and is therefore designated as (🐮,🐮).