Minting/Bonding (🐮,🐮)

Minting/Bonding purchases MINO from the protocol. When any user mints/bonds MINO, they pay a rate that may be discounted from the current trading price, but they do not receive the MINO tokens right away. Instead, when purchased with a bond, the MINO tokens release with linear vesting for 5 days.
The user mints/bonds MINO using one of several currency options, which then go into the Treasury. Thus, the protocol will own the majority of its native token liquidity.
The Treasury also receives an equal number of MINO tokens to those purchased by the user, and a proportional amount of tokens are distributed to all stakers through rebase rewards. This helps both the treasury, which we would like to be large, and the users, who receive a high staking APY.
Minting/bonding MINO is designated as a beneficial act and is therefore designated as (🐮,🐮).