Transaction Tax

Minotaur.Money is one of the first decentralized reserve currencies that has instituted a Transaction Tax! This tax incentivizes holding by redistributing tokens from sellers to holders.
  • Sending MINO to LP pairs carries a 6.66% transaction tax
    • Selling MINO via LP pairs is taxed
    • Additional LP pairs will be added to the list of taxed addresses if created
  • Taxed MINO is redistributed to stakers
    • 6.66% of taxable MINO transactions will be immediately sent to the MINO staking contract
    • During rebases, the taxes are divided proportionally amongst all MINO stakers
  • By default, MINO transactions carry no transaction tax
    • The helper contract on our website must be used for forming/breaking of MINO/CRO and MINO/DAI LP tokens to be exempt
The transaction tax mechanic charges a 6.66% penalty for selling MINO that is redistributed proportionally to all MINO stakers!