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The following roadmap items are subject to change at any time and may or not be complete LARPs!


  • Minotaur code with transaction tax and fractionality
  • Website integration with DeFi wallet Dapp
  • Presale and launch
  • Grant applications with and Particle B
  • wsMINO staking utility for dual yield (pools at
  • Major press coverage (CoinTelegraph)
  • Calculator page on Minotaur website

In Progress:

  • Minotaur profile pic NFTs
  • P2E NFT game with Chainlink VRF integration
  • Set up snapshots for governance re. treasury investment
  • Develop new protocol with voting rights token
  • Allocate $100,000 in treasury funds to an income-producing deployment
    • Multiple deployments if possible
  • Seed investments in new projects
    • LP tokens in treasury will not be pulled for reinvestment purposes
  • Lending platform with voting rights escrow integration
  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading engine
    • We already have a working, audited version for ERC20 tokens
    • Add custom bonding curves
    • Add ERC721 + other support
    • Add NFT/stable pools with custom bonding curves
    • Add cross-chain functionality
  • More P2E games
    • NFT integration
    • At least one with a super-low barrier to entry
  • More NFTs
    • Possibly something ape-related


  • Centralized exchange listings
  • Further partnerships with Cronos projects and
  • Expand team with additional contract and front end developers
  • Real-world treasury deployment
  • Release more tokens that are absolute shit but trendy (node tokens, tomb forks)
  • Our own Ethereum fork